About The Library

The Carbondale City Library has been serving our local communities since the mid 1970’s. Since its inception the library has been housed in a room in our city hall building, located at 234 Main St, in the heart of Carbondale. Our community has decided it is ready and excited for a more spacious, free-standing library to carry us into the future. Our beautiful new facility is being built across the street, and it is wonderful to see the dream become a reality.

We look forward to having room to offer more educational and enriching programming, and a pleasant, open environment for patrons to spend time relaxing and learning.  We are a full service center I library, offering inter-library loans through the Northeast Kansas Library System, as well as computers, printer/copier/fax services, and a growing collection of books, audiobooks, and movies. We look forward to continuing to serve you, and investing in the future of our local communities.